Saturday, August 8, 2009


There was this massive oak tree on the farm that had died a few years ago. Cutting it down was pretty intimidating because it was VERY large, and it was in the midst of other really nice trees that Mark didn't want to destroy in the process. He's been figuring out his approach to this tree for most of the summer, and while we were staying down there a few weeks ago, he finally decided he was ready to tackle it. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the tree before he started cutting on it, or the first half of the trunk that he took out, because it was sprinking, and I wasn't going to get my camera out in the rain. But here is a picture of what was left of the tree after the first trunk was cut off.

Mark then used the base of that first trunk as his stepstool to cut down the second half of the tree. The rain had stopped by then, so we went back and got my camera. Here he is cutting down the second half.

Jumping off the base as the trunk started to fall....
And with the final stump left after everything else is safely on the ground.
Here's a small part of the pile of wood that came from this tree. Lots of firewood for the winter!

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