Saturday, March 19, 2011

Orchid Show

OK, so I gave in and bought more photo space on Google.  Apparently it is my blog that is eating up all the space, so I either had to quit blogging or buy space.  Admittedly, I'm not a good blogger, but I'm not ready to quit yet!  School seems to take all that I have these days, and I am counting down the days till summer.  I hate, hate, HATE the fact that there is no spring break in this school, I feel like I'm serving a detention while all my friends are off playing for spring break!

I have learned to wait excitedly for the Orchid Show at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.  It is such a breath of fresh air in the middle of the dreary winter.  We were able to go a few weeks ago, and while we both agreed that it wasn't as wonderful as last year, it was still VERY wonderful!



 After we had spent hours with the orchids we walked around other areas of the gardens.  I found the first sign of spring that I see around here, when the crocuses start popping up and giving us their show.  The are so wonderful, oftentimes there is still snow on the ground when I see them.  I have a goal of scattering them throughout the field in front of the house and just allowing them to naturalize.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Still here!

I've been thinking for a long time that I needed to update my blog, but it seems to always stay a little further down on the "todo" list than the things that actually do get done.  To be honest, I'm drowning in a sea of pictures, I am much better at taking them than at deleting, cropping and publishing them.  Getting them downloaded onto my computer is about as far as I get most days.  I also ran out of memory for the blog and my online pictures, so I've been trying to clean up and delete to find some space (yes, it would be easier to just buy more space but I'm stubborn!). 

So for a quick "nonpictorial" update, we are doing fine.  We've both been hit by a cold/flu and just the general vegetative state that cold weather and dreary days seems to bring.  I'm taking a class for Master Gardener status, so my Tuesdays have become very long days.  I'm enjoying the information and can't wait to get started working on our yard/mudpit.  We have spread over 200 lbs of seed in the hopes of having some grass this summer.  It seems everytime we spread seed that we soon get a deluge of rain, so I believe we will have a wonderful lush yard down by the pond, but I'm not sure we'll have much up around the house!

We went to the orchid show, and this past weekend we went to the Butterfly House, both wonderful ways to spend a Sunday afternoon.  However, I can manage to take a hundred pictures, so I still have plenty of work to do!  I promise to post pictures soon, this will be my priority this weekend, as Mark has a meeting in St. Louis and two talks to give this weekend.

More to follow!