Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cards Game

We went and had some fun at a recent Cards vs. Braves game.  It still feels odd to cheer against the Braves, but it is getting to feel more normal.  My students keep asking when I'll start cheering for Mizzou instead of UGA, and I keep stating, "NEVER!"  College teams are different, but they can't seem to understand that.  I will ALWAYS be a Georgia Bulldawg!

We got there early and took advantage of the spacious conditions to take some photos.  Don't worry, other fans did show up before the game started!  Here's me and my friend Rita
And then me and Mark.  I was wearing my Georgia Bulldog hoodie around my waist, and kept watching the scoreboard for updates to GA vs. USC game.  Austin also did a good job of keeping me posted with updates.  Sadly, the final updates were not good ones. 
 Here's local hero Albert Pujols warming up
 Scene from our seats before the game.  We were on the first base side this time, and we couldn't see the Arch from this side of the stadium.

 Game time!  Cards won!

Another Gorgeous Sunset!

It seems that I never get tired of photographing these beautiful sunsets!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Prepared for Winter

Mark has been having fun splitting wood for the past several weekends (really....he likes this stuff!).  We now have what he calls five face cords of wood for the winter.  I think we went through three last winter, so we should be able to survive something even worse this year, although I hope we don't have to!