Friday, November 21, 2008

Baby G

I didn't get any belly pictures while I was in Greenville last weekend, but this one was lifted off of Sara's pregnancy blog, "All About Baby G". Sara's twenty one weeks pregnant now, feeling great, and starting to feel the baby kicking around. She looks great as well!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


World traveler that I have become, I flew for another weekend in the Carolinas (three out of the last four for those who are counting). This weekend had been planned to see Austin one last time before his deployment. Sara, Ryan and I had planned to drive to Fort Bragg for a visit and celebrate his birthday prior to his supposed deployment this week. In Charleston, we were able to bribe Austin to join us in Greenville, which was much easier on me (it's all about the MOM). I was so happy to see my Hailey dog!

Toby, Whitie and Austin joined us on Friday night, and we had a successful round of Yahtzee. (successful for Ryan!).

Saturday morning Ryan's parents, Donny and Nancy joined us. We headed to downtown Greenville, where they have a great park on the Reedy River. We also managed to get in some Christmas shopping downtown, and ended the day with a great dinner at Bonefish Grill. Unfortunately, there's not one of those in STL, so I'm glad I got to the one in Greenville.
We enjoyed posing for pictures thoughout the park... Ryan, Whitie, Toby, Sara, me, Donny and Austin on some rocky stairs. Nancy was our appointed photographer for this pic.

Very cool beech tree growing on the side of a rock. Whitie joined the roots for perspective.

We grabbed a passing pedestrian to take this picture. Everyone was having a good time!

Nancy, Sara, Ryan and Donny on the suspension bridge.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Maggie's Memorial

This weekend was spent in Charleston, remembering Joe and Maggie; all that they taught us, and all that we have gained from having them in our lives. It was also a weekend to spend with a treasured group of family and friends enjoying good times. I cried like a baby when it was time to leave, but I am so thankful for the joy and the heart ache of having Joe and Maggie in my life. We are all the richer for it.

There's a boat on the road to Folly Island that has been there since Hurrican Hugo, I think, and it always has different things painted on it. Jessie's friends made it special for Joe and Maggie.

Friday night we had dinner at the beach house and a toast to Joe and Maggie.
Sissi, Austin and Frank

Jessie, her friend Eddie, and her dog, Sierra
The Wigglesworth Family: Kym, Maddy, and Craig from North Carolina
Me, Sissi and Kym Wigglesworth

Kym and Amy White, also from Seattle. Amy lost her daughter Susannah to MPS in July of this year.

Me and Big Brother Bill Stembridge

The memorial service on Saturday morning....

Les Sheaffer, dad to beautiful Brittany spoke

Rachel, the best hospice nurse in the world also said a few words

A few memories of Joe and Maggie displayed for us to remember
Afterwards, we went to Sissi and Frank's for a lunch and more sharing of memories. Here are Sara and Ryan enjoying their food.

Austin, me, Rachel, Sissi and Les
Austin, Gordon Wingate (from Texas), Rachel, Sissi and Kate

Me, Rachel and Sissi The next morning, we went out for breakfast. Here are me, Austin, Sara and Ryan together.
And a walk on the beach before we had to say good bye. Les, Maddy, me, Austin, Sissi, Bill, Kathy, David, John and Will Stembridge enjoying the sun.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Our wonderful, special Maggie has passed away. She had taken a steep decline after her brother Joe passed away this spring, and Maggie decided she needed to be with her brother. There are no words to expresss the feelings. Please keep the Langfords in your thoughts and prayers. There will be a memorial service on Saturday for her. I feel so far from Charleston right now, but my thoughts are always with them. I'm flying down on Friday to spend the weekend., and I'm trying to come up with the right words to say during the service. Such a special smile....

It's a Girl!

Sara had her ultrasound this week, and she's expecting a baby girl! I'm excited, I like girls (boys can be TOO strange sometimes!) Here's pictures of our new baby, along with an arrow pointing to the girl parts (no one has any privacy these days!_