Monday, April 12, 2010

Lucy's New Skill...

One day while we were inside the house discussing things with the builder we suddenly realized that Lucy was inside the house.  The current entrance is through a window opening using a ladder, and Lucy had somehow figured out how to climb the ladder so that she could be with us.  Here is a re-creation...although she has definitely made it a habit lately!
Friday night we were up on the top level talking over bathroom fixture placement and we heard Lucy attempting to climb that ladder, which is much bigger!  We had to yell at her to get her from coming up to the top level.  What a kookie dog!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Home Sweet Holiday Inn

We have moved!  It was a long weekend with no Easter festivities, but the deed is done.  1174 Claytonia Terrace is in the hands of a new owner, and we are in temporary lodging, a.k.a. Holiday Inn, Six Flags.  We are actually looking at this as an extended vacation and plan on enjoying the hot tub, indoor pool, sauna on a regular basis.  The staff here has been very accommodating, friendly and welcoming.   There is a huge green space behind the hotel where we can walk the dogs and let them off leash to run which is a welcome benefit.  They are not so sure of their new surroundings but hopefully settle in quickly.  My drive in is about the same length of time, although Mark's is a little longer.  Our builder is hoping to have the house completed by mid-May, so we will be here until that time.  If only we didn't have to work....