Tuesday, June 7, 2011

South Carolina (finally!)

I have finally arrived in South Carolina, after a long time of not visiting, and after a day’s driving.   Thankfully, the drive was pretty simple, just L O N G.  We’ve been having a great time here filling up Emmy’s days with activities, and I’ve been watching the little girl that she has become.  We have gone downtown, spent time at the pool, done her gymnastics class, gone shopping, and played around the house.
Downtown on Saturday morning was for a “Touch-A-Truck” event.  The city has all different types of wheeled vehicles set up for the children to climb on, play with the steering wheel, beep the horn, and just get up close and personal with all these different types of trucks and things.
Emmy’s gymnastics class was a lot of fun as well.  She seemed to love all the jumping and tumbling and rolling around on the padded floor.  I got to play photographer since Sara was spotting Em on the gym floor.