Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend Activities

Saturday was a busy day! We started out the day at the Missouri Botanical Gardens, which was hosting a "Best of Missouri Market." It was crowded, but there were lots of interesting things there. We did tons of food sampling, bought a few Christmas presents, and wandered around looking at all the cool stuff. After that, we headed home with our bounty, picked up the dogs, and headed to the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge held in Grey Summit, MO. Purina's corporate headquarters are there, and the national Incredible Dog Challenge Finals are held there every year. What a cool competition!! While there, Lucy met her bigger, older twin was too crowded to get a good picture, but this is the first dog we've met that looked like Lucy.

We watched the "weaving" competition, where the dogs weave in and out of poles stuck in the ground. Most of the competitors were border collies, but Casanova, this huge Doberman just barreled through the poles, more or less knocking them out of the way as he went. He won the competition, hands down.

Next was the Freestyle Frisbee competition. It was amazing! These dogs were running in, around, over and under their owners in the pursuit of frisbees. The coolest part about it was you could tell the dogs were having the time of their lives!

On this jump for the frisbee, the dog did a complete overhead flip while catching the disc. Apparently, this is very rare to be executed as perfectly as we saw Saturday. She won the competition. Lucy and Gus paid very close attention, and we hope they aspire to be Frisbee champs one day!

Sunday we headed out to the farm. Mark's goal was to get some areas brush hogged close to the pond. While I'm getting better with the tractor, I'm pretty sure I would have managed to get the tractor in the pond, so he took tractor duty, and I wandered around taking pictures. It was a beautiful day out there, and fall is starting to show up!

This is Elmer, who lives close to the pond at the edge of the field. He's a beautiful old oak tree. Elmer has a friend somewhere on the farm, but we can't find the other tree with a face on it!

There were 34 geese on the pond when we got there. Here's one of the groups on the pond.

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