Saturday, October 11, 2008

Katy Trail

The Katy Trail is a rails to trails project along the Missouri River. We drove there today for a long bike ride, it was a beautiful afternoon. We met a friendly black snake on the trail, as well as saw many other pretty sights....

Here's an abandoned piece of equipment alongside the old trail tracks...
We turned around at Klondike Park, which is an old sand quarry. The white sand there was as pretty as any beach, only there's no salt water in sight!

We rode through the town of Defiance, which I thought was such a cool name. We looked it up on Wikipedia when we got home, and found out the town was named in "defiance" of the neighoring town which was also competing to become a train stop. It was also the last homestead of Daniel Boone, who is really big around these parts.

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