Wednesday, October 15, 2008


We've made a pledge that we will try at least one new restaurant a week. I can't say that we've completely stuck to the pledge, sometimes old and familiar is what we are craving, sometimes we don't get out as often as we'd planned, sometimes we just are poor in the planning ahead department. However, hopefully we'll get better, and I'll start telling you about our restaurant adventures. STL has a plethora of great restaurants, and we'll probably never run out! We have been to Oceano, The Drunken Fish, The Blue Sand, Chevy's, Hacienda, Zinnia, The Olympia, The Blue Elephant, Tachebana, Blueberry Hill, and others that I can't remember. Last night we headed out to a new Mexican restaurant named ZuZu's, but it appears to no longer be in business so we ended up walking around the corner to The Blue Elephant . We had gone there for the first time for Mark's birthday and had some wonderful Thai food. Last night was no exception! I love Thai food, and their's is hot, fresh and wonderful!

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