Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Greenville Zoo

After Christmas I drove to Simpsonville, SC to visit with family and Mark flew in a few days later.  My parents, Toby and Whitie, came up to visit, and Austin made it there as well.  We had a great few days visiting, playing cards, talking, watching the UGA game,  and eating, of course!  The first day we all went to the Greenville Zoo, which is pretty good for a town of that size.  Ryan and Austin had fun playing with my camera and telephoto lens, which makes it impossible to take a bad picture.  Since most of the zoo pictures were theirs, I'm not sharing many of them, or people would decide it really is the camera, not me, that has the talent!

Here's a group shot that Ryan captured....the trouble with being the photographer is you are never in the picture, and I wish we'd had someone take a group photo of all of us, including Ryan!

Emery and her Uncle Austin

And here's a great shot that Austin caught of a giraffe chewing!

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