Monday, May 4, 2009


We started out the weekend with a great dinner at Landry's Seafood House at Union Station in St. Louis. We both had wonderful dinners, as we always do there, and the fun part is getting to feed the koi outside the restaurant and strolling through Union Station. On Saturday we went and test drove a 2009 Honda Civic...yes, this time I think I really will take the plunge on a new car! Honda's are several 1000s of dollars less than they were a few years ago, and it is definitely time to retire my old Faithful Accord, after 263K+ miles. I plan to play the price game for the month of May and purchase one at the end of the month. Driving the new one was definitely fun!

Saturday night we went to an MPS fundraising Trivia Night that Vicki and Eric Merrell held in nearby Pevely, MO. Vicki and Eric joined the Board the same year that I did, and have two sons with MPS I, Sean and Cody. The boys have grown up since I've known them! We had a table full of Mark's grad students, lab technician, and spouses, but we were firmly in the middle of the pack at the end of the night. Letters after your name do not equal Trivia knowledge! Trivia Nights are a big thing in STL, I've been invited to several since I've been here, but this was the first one I had attended. While not being a trivia buff, it was a fun night for a great cause! Mark also bid on a HUGE box of fireworks, and then kept outbidding the poor baseball team that wanted them badly. Mark is sure that he was acting in the best interest of the baseball team, to keep them out of danger, but....I'm not sure Mark will act much safer than the typical sixteen year old! Anyway, watch out for a big fireworks party coming up someday soon at Mark's Park!

Here's the MPS crew at Trivia Night

Sunday was spent out at the farm, working on the washed out culvert and getting the new pipe in place. I don't have pictures since I wasn't taking the camera out in the rain, but I promise some in the future. We were wet and tired by the time we got back home!

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