Sunday, December 4, 2011


Several ouchies have happened here lately.  First, I managed to run over a piece of metal on my way to school one morning.  It was there as I rounded a curve and I couldn't swerve far enough and fast enough to completely avoid it.  It caught on my passenger side bumper and tore the bumper, the wheel well, and a few other things, to the tune of $2400.  Thank goodness for insurance!  

The second ouchie was carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand.  I started having severe numbness and pain in my hands once school started back in the fall and after making the rounds of general practitioner, chiropractor, plastic surgeon and neurologist, I ended up with the diagnosis of severe carpal tunnel with associated nerve damage in my left hand.  My right hand was also diagnosed, but since I am left handed, that was the more severe hand. I had surgery the day before Thanksgiving and spent a quiet Thanksgiving break recuperating.  After the first day there was very little pain, and a week and a half later my hand feels so much better than it has in months.  I realized now that I've had symptoms for years and just attributed it to age.  He also did a cortisone injection in my right hand and I'm having significant relief there as well.  Now I can work towards rebuilding the strength in my hands and look forward to surgery on my right hand in January.

The latest ouchie came when a tree limb broke off and landed on Mark's truck.  We've been discussing the need for a carport for the truck for awhile, but in the meantime Mark has been parking it under a large oak tree.  One morning this is what we found:
It did damage to the hood, cracked the windshield and took off the rear view mirror and antenna on the passenger side.  It is now recuperating at the body shop.  Let's hope this is the last of the ouchies!

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