Saturday, October 29, 2011


We recently went to an open house at a nearby alpaca farm.  Alpacas are a smaller version of llamas, and are valued for their wool.  It is finer than sheep wool, supposedly much warmer, and of course, more expensive.  There are several alpaca farms in our area, and I couldn't miss the opportunity for a close up view of alpacas at an open house!  The owner walked us down to the back pasture where the females are kept, and called the animals over near to the gate where we had treats to give them.  This particular rancher specializes in black wool alpacas, so most of his herd is black.  Here they are coming up for their treats.

 A close up
 This one was a little more shy and wouldn't get to close to us
 How could you not love this face?
 And this is Ruby.  I would have packed her up and taken her home with me if I could.  She was a very friendly alpaca, which is unusual for the species.  The owner said that she had the typical alpaca aloofness until she gave birth the first time, and shortly after that she decided that humans were pretty cool.  She hung around with us, nuzzled our hands, wanted to be petted, and just generally made herself lovable. 
 This little cutie was five hours old when the picture was taken.  The same mom gave birth last year at their open house as well.   

 This is a very picturesque old brick church that we also drove past this same day, on our way to a local winery that has music on the weekends.  A local person bought the church and has restored it, but to our knowledge doesn't do anything with it.   It is just some pretty local scenery!

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