Saturday, July 16, 2011


It might look like we are trying to quickly replace Gus, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Mark and I have been talking about getting a couple of kittens all spring, and I decided when I came back from SC it would be the right timing.  Given that it is good to be home while they are little, I still felt that we needed to go ahead and get kittens, even though we are still grieving Gus.  Also, Mark is having a terrible time with mice in his car!  He’s had to replace the air filter with almost every oil change, and this week the car is at the dealer after the entire AC system was plugged up with nesting material.  I don’t know if Toyotas are less mouse proof than Hondas, or if his lab mice are seeking their revenge through their brethren, but he’s spent a lot of money this spring on “mice repairs.”  So he’s endorsed getting some “mousers.”  Since I’m allergic to cats and neither one of us wants to deal with a litter box, these are outside babies.  We’ve been keeping them in dog crates at night, and with the heat the crates got moved to the basement, since it was just too dang hot in the garage.  During the day they’ve been staying on the porch, rarely venturing off, at least not yet.  The calico is named Scarlett, and the black one is named Onyx.  Scarlett came from the Franklin County Humane Society, and Onyx was a freebie from a few miles down the road.  People don’t seem to frequently spay/neuter around here, and there were so many kittens to choose from!  I was heart set on calicos, but could only find one.  Black cats are another favorite of mine, although Onyx actually has very, very dark striping on him.  He’s younger and smaller than Scarlett.  I’m enjoying spending time with them, and they are both total lap kitties, who come running when I walk outside.  They still aren’t too sure what to think of Lucy, but are becoming better acquainted with her each day.  Through this process I’ve found a low cost spay/neuter clinic where I have started volunteering.  People, PLEASE spay or neuter your animals! 

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