Saturday, February 27, 2010

Missouri Botanical Gardens Orchid Show

Last weekend the weather was AWFUL, as it has been for entirely too many days this winter, and we were itching to get outside.  It looked like it was the perfect day to spend some time at the Botanical Gardens' Orchid Show.   The Missouri Botanical Gardens are beautiful, and over 150 years old, with some incredible specimen trees.  But this day we spent inside with hundreds, probably thousands of orchids.  They smelled heavenly, they looked gorgeous, and I could have happily pitched a tent and stayed for days.  Mark patiently waited while I indulged myself, going through the exhibition twice:  once with my regular camera lens, and once with my telephoto lens.  I took over 240 pictures, and no, I don't know what I'll do with them all, but....I am thrilled to have them!  Have I said lately how much I love digital photography in general, and my camera and lenses in particular?!  I am so spoiled! I tried not to include too many in this blog post, but...orchids are amazing!!!

After going through the Orchid Show, we went through the Climatron.  It is a huge geodesic dome greenhouse, with a tropical climate inside.  A great place to be when it is raining and 34 degrees outside!  Here are some of its warm blooded residents, enjoying themselves.

These are the amazing Amazon poison frogs...beautiful, but not to be touched!
After this, we had lunch at Blueberry Hill, played a couple of rounds of darts (I finally beat Mark!), then went home and relaxed.

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