Saturday, February 27, 2010

House in Progress!!

Beautiful weather today, and a chance to go out to the farm and check on progress on the house.  I haven't been there since before Christmas, but these are pictures that Mark took back on January 30th.  There was lots of snow, a foundation, and the forms in place to pour the foundation for the garage.  Lots of concrete work goin' on!  Here's what we call the front of the house, the part that is facing the pond.
Here's the forms in place for the foundation for the detached garage.
Basement foundation from inside.
There has been lots of progress when we went out today, and it is starting to look like a house!  Here is the front again.
Here's the basement.  The slab was just poured the day before.
Here's the foundation for the garage.  The builder has been unable to pour the slab for the garage because all the local quarries are out of stone!  It has been such a rough winter that the stone has been bought by the governments to fill in potholes, and the builder has been unable to get any.  The garage isn't nearly as critical as the house, so we aren't too concerned.
 They had a first row of logs in place, and were placing the second row while we were there.  Here's what the corner joints look like.  The logs have to be routed for all electrical wiring as they are put in place, so it is a slow process. 
Here's the rest of the first shipment of logs, all waiting to be properly placed in position on the house.  Just like lincoln logs!
The logs are numbered and are put in place by number.  The logs are actually cut in Maine, and the house is pieced together in Maine, then taken back apart.  Each log is stamped with its appropriate number, placed on the truck and delivered to the home site.  We can't wait to go back next week and see what other progress has been made!  In the meantime, we have an open house tomorrow and next weekend.  Keeping our fingers crossed!

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