Sunday, April 19, 2009

Food Fight!

Friday night we went to see a new play, Food Fight! at the Westport Playhouse ( I had gotten free tickets from school. We went to Westport early, and decided to eat at Ice Kitchen, a new tapas bar there. The food was great! The weather was nice, and for the first time since last fall, we were able to have a real meal served outside. Something to celebrate! Food Fight was a very funny musical about weight issues, and the fight to overcome them. We had a wonderful time!

Saturday we went to the Eco Expo, a show with lots of "green" alternatives. There were many items for home building, but they won't really apply to us, since the log house kit doesn't allow for concrete, stryofoam, etc., walls. But there was cool stuff on appliances, heat pumps, solar panels, countertops, tiling, etc. Nothing on wind mills, which is Mark's current passion. We have found a company that will evaluate the home site for solar/wind/geothermal possibillities, which we will definitely have done. We have also found a Katahdin home dealer/contractor who is about twenty miles away from the farm. This should make our lives, and the building process, much simpler than the previous plan of having someone come in from Kentucky. These people have already gotten a copy of our plans and we hope to meet soon to discuss finalizing them. I want to really spend some time this summer working out the final details, since it is difficult to focus on something like that during the school year.

The rest of the weekend was spent in a rainy, dreary weather fog. Mark worked on a skid to haul log timbers from the bluffs later this summer, and I attempted (unsuccessfully) to clean off my desk top. Austin has called with a wonderful regularity lately, as well as catching him on Facebook a time or two. I have done an amazing job (for me, at least!) of not worrying in a day to day fashion over his time there, but it is very wonderful to hear his voice, or see his name online! He is coping well, and his homecoming continues to be closer and closer.

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