Thursday, July 24, 2008


Corner room with an EXCELLENT view of downtown Vancouver! Definitely the "Dr. Sands'" name got that one for us, when I'm alone on Society business I am always in the room by the ice machine (which is fine since the Society is paying!).

The view from our room to the gardens below, then a close up of the fountain. Vancouver is a very beautiful city!

Stanley Park is a huge downtown Vancouver park that we spent a good part of the day walking through. Here are some baby redwoods...

We went to theVancouver zoo which was very nice. They had a two week old baby beluga whale there! The line to see the baby from the observation room was long, but we were able to watch her from above the water line. Here's mom and baby in the water.
One of the many scenic restaurants we visited while we were there. Great food!

An adorable house boat docked off of Granville Island, where we took a ferry over for an afternoon.
The Elder Mark and the Younger Mark. We will definitely work towards a better picture, the lighting is terrible on this one! Elder Mark (Dr. Mark Haskins) keeps MPS animal colonies at Penn State and does research on MPS disorders. Younger Mark (mine!) does the mice work on MPS and other disorders. Put the two together and you are never sure what might happen!
We took an aerial tour of Vancouver on these very cool float planes! Here's one of them landing.
Downtown Vancouver from the air.
Our hotel from the air.
According to our pilot, this is the highest price real estate in the country of Canada. Beautiful!

I did a very poor job of taking pictures during the actual conference. Here is a slightly blurry picture of one of my favorite MPS kids, Jack, and his mom, Kim. Jack has MPS II (Hunter syndrome) and has been receiving enzyme therapy for almost two years.

These are pictures of the butterfly release that was held in honor of the children who have passed away. It is very touching and emotional, and even more real this year because Joe was there with me in spirit.

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The Keatings said...

Hi! I like the picture of the two Marks! Which one do you live with? ha ha! The elder Mark looks like a cool dude! He could join ZZ Topp! Love, Marla