Friday, July 25, 2008

Bar Harbor, Maine

Our next visit was to Mark's dear friends Jane and Babette, who live in Bar Harbor. Mark spent some time at the Jackson Laboratory there early in his career, and has remained good friends with them since that time. Our first day there we went hiking on Cadillac Mountain.
Babette and Mark.

A view from Cadillac with the ocean off in the distance.

Along the trails hikers place cairns to mark the way. Here's a small one. Some become big mounds of rocks.

The landscape was so beautiful!

We had to cut our hike short because Jane managed to take a tumble, but we were very grateful that she turned out to only have some minor injuries. Mark and I headed out for more lobsters, and the four of us had another wonderful lobster dinner that night.

Cleaning up the mess afterwards!

On the second day we hiked through a different area of Acadia National Park, ending up in Thula Gardens.

Along the trail to Thuya.

The gate to the Gardens.

Lots of beautiful flowers!!

Asticou Terraces below Thuya Gardens.

A view of the harbor.

A teeny tiny baby cairn!

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The Keatings said...

Beautiful scenery and gardens! I loved the carved gate with all the nature symbols! I've only been to Boston, MA in dead of winter and a quickie to Vermont on our honeymoon - this makes me want to go back and farther north (in the summer!) Marla