Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Member of the Family!!

Somehow I realized this week that I haven't even blogged about the biggest news...Austin and Megan have gotten married! They did the courthouse thing on Monday, September 13th. They did let us know ahead of time that this was their intention and their plan. While I would have rather been there, it is their choice, not mine, and I respect their wishes. I think Megan is wonderful and I'm excited for the both of them! Austin is still waiting on his discharge papers from the Army, but should begin leave just about any day now which will last until November, when he will be officially through with the Army. I can't express how happy I have been about that, this has not bee a fun phase of Austin's life. I am thankful he made it through a tour in Iraq with no physical or mental scars, but would much rather he had never had to do that type of thing at all.

Until Austin is free and clear from the Army they aren't making any long range plans.  Austin has a part time job with Fayetteville Tech helping to administer Paramedic certification testing, and Megan is working as a chef for Chili's. 

We wish them all the best and can't wait to see them again!  Here's a picture I took of the two of them in Disney World last December.  I definitely need some updated photos!

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