Sunday, September 12, 2010

One Nifty Keen Housewarming Gift!

Mark Haskins and Becky Craik sent us this very cool houswarming gift.  It is a fancy weather station, and we are loving it!  It does wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, rainfall, time, temperature (with wind chill and dew point) and humidity.  I know more about my current environment than I ever have before!
I had to add this photo because we also got these rocks from Mark and Becky.  Many of the houses in Philadelphia are made from this type of stone, and it has flecks of mica in it that make it sparkly.  I thought it was very pretty and Mark mentioned that they had had some work done in the basement and some of the stones in his basement were removed and in his back yard.  My Mark told him how I collect rocks from places we have been and he offered to let us take some home.  We went out there with a flashlight and picked two rocks off of the top of the pile, put them in my trunk and carried them to SC, then home!  They found their perfect spot on the porch to reflect the sunlight.

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