Saturday, June 26, 2010

We're here!

It has been a busy couple of weeks, but huge progress has been made. After spending 75 nights at the Holiday Inn, we are outta there!

I came back from SC on Thursday and Mark’s plan was for me to return on Thursday, help move on Friday, with the final move taking place on Saturday, before he left Saturday night for Australia. After getting bent out of shape about him possibly moving in without me; me moving in without him didn’t seem right either! So I bumped our move in date by a day and we cleared out of the Holiday Inn and got to the house Friday evening. We stayed up till 1AM watching the night sky, then continued moving furniture in on Saturday morning. He left for the airport Saturday night, but had to return after leaving his passport in his office and missing his flight (have I stated that we’ve had too much going on lately?)! Flight rebooked for Sunday and we were able to get some more things moved in on Sunday morning. Now I’m here along with Gus and Lucy enjoying the peace and quiet and trying to sort through the plethora of boxes in the garage. There are boxes from GA, boxes from Richmond Heights, boxes from two classrooms, and boxes from the Holiday Inn. It is the first time that all of our possessions have been in one location! Sadly, after living with very little in the hotel for two months, we have wondered why we brought so much stuff with us to the new house. Things are staying outside until they get sorted, cleaned up, dusted, Lysoled and polished. We’ve gotten the furniture in our bedroom, the bed downstairs, and very little else into the house so far. The builder is still here finishing up little details, which he probably will be for awhile.

I had the best of intentions of taking photos of the entire house before we started moving in, but….it didn’t happen. I also had the best of intentions to take a photo of the overstuffed garage before we started emptying it, but…it didn’t happen. Missed moments, for sure.

Exterior of the house.  Final grade still needs to be done, but we've got to decide how we want the dirt sloped, what to do with the rocks, etc.  Then it is time to plant grass!

Downstairs bathroom.  We still need vanity mirrors, towel rods, shower curtains and doors, etc.
Downstairs guest bedroom.
Living room.  The slate tiles in the corner are where the wood burning stove will go.
North porch
West porch
First night's sunset

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