Saturday, March 27, 2010

Purlin beams

We went out to check on progress for the house today, and progress is moving rapidly!  They were actually placing the purlin beams for the roof while we were there.  The purlins are huge, and direct support the roof...there is no attic.  
Even though it was a cold and windy day, Lucy still found a place to take a swim!  This is the area of the frost wall for the basement, which is a concrete barrier that goes several feet into the ground. 
The garage is also made of logs.  We originally were just going to put log siding on the garage, but with Katahdin, the log siding is as expensive as real logs, so of course we opted for the real thing.  Hopefully it will help inspire us to keep the garage neat and tidy.
These are some of the interior beams that will be used for support.
The access to the house right now is through a ladder placed up to a window.  As we are talking inside, Lucy shows up.  Sure enough, she had figured out how to climb the ladder, without watching anyone or any teaching.  Poor Gus couldn't quite maneuver it, so Mark half carried him up the ladder.  Both dogs seem to approve of the house so far!
These are the support beams for the catwalk to the loft upstairs.  Nice and breezy right now!
Talking about further plans for building...."the Marks'" are conferencing.
Mark has the cherry picker on site to help place the purlins.  He offered to take us up in it to check out the view.  While I am terrified of heights, I wasn't about to miss out on this opportunity! 

In other wonderful news, the buyer for our house did her final walkthrough today and has signed off on the final repairs that were done.  Closing is set for April 5th, so we have plenty of work ahead of us!

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