Thursday, September 18, 2008

Can't Keep Up!

Okay, so this blog idea was pretty cool during my leisurely the expectation is there, and school is here, and life is quite a whirlwind! I keep intending to update, but the further behind I get, the longer I know it will take to update, so I put it off a little longer....not a good plan!

Update #1:


I've known for awhile and have tried hard to keep her request for it secret, but now I have permission to blast it to the world! She had her second ultrasound today and this kid looks as long and lanky as his/her papa...check out the legs!

Here's one of him/her sucking his/her thumb....sonograms are amazing these days!

Her due date is March 27th, which seems so long away, but I know the time will fly! I have to find a new, cool name for Grandma....suggestions so far have been Noni (Italian), and Abuela (Spanish)....any others??!


Good news was first, so now the bad news. Austin managed to break his ankle while doing field exercises last week. He went back to the doctor today and got a hard cast. It sounds like things will heal without surgery, which is a blessing. He is going on leave tomorrow for two weeks, including a trip up here for a visit. He has been in a lot of pain this week, and I know the cast will slow him down. Unfortunately, it probably won't keep him from deploying in November. Please, please make sure you are registered and vote to end this war!


I wish I knew how to ship the rain back to GA!! St. Louis is 22" ahead in rainfall from an average year, and is on schedule to have the wettest year on record. I wish we could share it with the Bulldog country! There was 5" of rain in 5 hours last Sunday morning and we managed to sleep through the entire thing. When we went out driving, roads were closed due to downed trees and flooding, including the interstates! The Mississippi and Meramec rivers are as high as they were in June, which was pretty significant. One of the culverts at the farm has washed out twice this summer...fortunately, Mark didn't dedicate too much time to repairing it the first time!


School is continuing to go well. It has been crazy, and I feel very behind in things, but day to day it gets a little easier. I went to open house last week and learned that Sperreng is actually the fifth highest rated middle school in Missouri based on test scores. I feel very lucky to have landed where I did! Our principal is a hoot, she is possibly the most chirpy (chirpy-est?) person that I have ever met. My middle schoolers are pretty intelligent kids, and some of them have a wonderful sense of humor. We are bonding well and enjoying our days together. I have been writing to my kids from Gainesville and getting letters back, thanks to my wonderful replacement, Kimberly. I love being able to continue our relationship and seeing their writing and spelling improve. I still miss them!


This weekend is the annual Lab Lobster will be my first. Mark invites all his lab students and their families to the farm for freshly boiled lobster ordered direct from Bar Harbor. We will spend the day at the farm, having hay rides, fishing and probably picking ticks off each other (actually, we are stocked up on bug spray!). I'm looking forward to it! Pictures to be posted later!

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Sara Glenn said...

I like Noni best so far. Reminds me of that her real name? Or something close?
Someone suggested "G.A." to me for "Grandma Alice" and GA Bulldogs of course.
Still have 6 months to decide!! :)