Monday, August 11, 2008

MPS Family Picnic

The Klenke family hosted a MPS Family Picnic on Saturday. They chose a neat little local park with a small pond and a petting zoo. They also had quite the spread of food!

The MPS Picnic Cake.

Here's Aaron Athy playing with his mom, Trish. Aaron has MPS I and was transplanted several years ago. He is quite a bundle of energy and joy!

Here's Leslie, Kraig and Chelsea feeding the ducks.

Aaron, Leslie and Trish feeding the ducks.

Brian, Kraig and Chelsea Klenke enjoying the park.

Kris, Kraig and Mark out for a walk.

Aaron feeding the goats.

Mark feeding the goats.

I took several pictures of this emu, and he finally surprised me with a yawn. I thought he was about to take a bite out of me!

After feeding the animals, we came back for a few fun games of bingo.

We also had a balloon release in memory of the many children we have lost.

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